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16th August 2016

The tide turns

SME finance applications leap post-Brexit

SME finance applications leap post-Brexit

It’s been just over seven weeks since Brexit and the tide seems to have turned on the rhetoric here in the UK. This article about the August leap in finance enquiries from the SME community nicely reflects the current thinking. The increase in applications by two thirds is a great bell-weather on how resilient that core market is, and how SMEs are seeking to build on the great opportunity that Brexit has offered. Adam Tyler, chief executive of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), captures the mood exactly reflecting that the Brexit vote “doesn’t appear to have rattled the SME community.”

It’s a great time to be active in the UK. If you’d like to understand how to reduce risk and increase your speed to market by growing internationally in to the UK, then Network Pathway can help you with your strategy and delivery.

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