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4th July 2016

Change is good

What Brexit means for Australian Start-ups

What Brexit means for Australian Start-ups

Whilst the dust certainly hasn’t yet fully settled from last month’s Brexit vote, it’s certainly started to clear and it’s probably a good time to start understanding the post-Brexit world. I thought we at Network Pathway would use today, the 4th of July, the anniversary of that famous event which was essentially America’s “Brexit”, to remind ourselves that change happens and is often the pre-cursor of great things.

It’s interesting to note that the start-up community are amongst the first to take a pragmatic view on the future. Many subjects are being debated and businesses are beginning to form a view on their position in the new reality. This article, by Mark Humphery-Jenner an associate professor of finance at UNSW Australia, gives a good overview of some of the key issues for both start-ups and SMEs. Key elements, such as: access to funding; employees; regulatory competition from other markets; and, export markets are presented in a refreshingly clear headed piece.

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